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What is Prodromal Labor, Exactly?

What is Prodromal Labor, Exactly? The end of your pregnancy is laden with a number of emotions, namely excitement, relief, impatience, and discomfort. That's why it seems insulting when contractions start several weeks before your expected due date, a result of prodromal labor. What is prodromal labor, you might ask? Essentially, prodromal labor is pre-labor,…
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Infant Daycare centers – Pros & cons

Infant Daycare Centers - Pros & cons Millions of infants attend daycare centers yearly. Parents who are caught up with work usually have a hard decision to make- Do I send my infant to daycare? Infant daycares have many benefits when it comes to activities and socialization. It is a practical solution for parents. Hiring…
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Subchorionic Bleeding During Pregnancy

Subchorionic Bleeding During Pregnancy Pregnancy is probably the most exciting time in any woman’s life. But it is also the scariest time. All of a sudden you are responsible for more than just your own life. There is a tiny bundle of joy growing in you. Like all parents to be, you hope that everything…
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